The Best Law Schools

The Best Law Schools For Getting A Biglaw Job in 2021

It is the dream of every law school aspirant to get a Biglaw job as soon as they are done from law school.  Often, the huge paycheck that these large and reputable law firms offer their attorneys is  enough motivation for such ambition. The fact is, while every lawyer wants to make a positive impact on the world and serve the public interest, there is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring a pay that would make you comfortable and would also commensurate with your dedicated efforts in law school and legal practice.

Securing a spot in the largest and well-recognized law firms in the country is usually a tough task. However, attending specific highly ranked law schools places you in a suitable position that could bring to reality your dream of landing a Biglaw job. For instance, research reveals that a significant number of students who graduated in 2019 from top law schools got hired as new associates by the most renowned 100 law firms in the US. With the numbers rising to about 4,423 new associates, lots of career services deans ascertained that the class of 2019 really represented a high mark in large law firms’ recruitment. Without further ado, let’s unravel a few of the best law schools for getting a Biglaw Job in 2021.

1. University of Chicago law school

Chicago law school conducts hardcore Socratic. Just a few law schools still comply with this ancient but effective technique of law. While other law schools have grown lenient in their grading system, Chicago law school still has a strict grading system. Endowed with world-class and brilliant professors, every student who attends this school is sure to get a law degree that will inherently make a difference.

2. University of Columbia law school

Columbia law school

Columbia University law school does not only boast of top-notch professors and great international law courses but there is also a large alumni network that can help you secure a spot in reputable law firms. Another perk of this prestigious university is its proximity to New York law firms which affords students the experience and exposure to make informed judgments.

3. Harvard law school

Harvard law school

It is almost impossible to graduate from this career-molding campus and not land a Biglaw job. Notable alumni such as Barack Obama, John Roberts, Michelle Obama, Elie Mystal, and other important alumni have apparently made a positive mark in their world. It is as though Harvard Law School is the perfect place to bring your dream of securing a spot in large law firms into fulfillment.

4. Yale law school

Some persons refer to Yale as “the school meant only for the best.”  Graduates from Yale Law School have unparalleled degrees. They secure BigLaw jobs more than 90% of the time. The value and quality of education provided by the scholars and professors of this university perdure to this very day. You get to enjoy trial practice sessions, handled by real attorneys.

5. Stanford University law school

Stanford University law school

Are you after a dynamic school that breeds exceptional attorneys via an array of extra-curricular activities, in-court sessions, and pro bono services?

Stanford Law School is a pretty perfect choice that guarantees a spot in the largest and reputable law firms in the country. Katharine Weymouth (publisher of Washington Post), Justice William Rehnquist Ronald, and Kenneth Noble, the Secretary-General of Interpol are just a few of the many big names that have passed through the walls of Stanford Law School. Indeed, Stanford always stands out.

6. New York University law school

NYU law school is packed with professors in law who know their onions. To graduate from this law school, you would have to work very hard. The legal profession is one whereby you are partly in charge of the security of many lives and property. As such, the medium by which several aspects of law are being taught here depicts quality and the need to be a very hard-working legal practitioner. Interestingly, New York University was John F. Kennedy Jr. Alma Mata. You are sure to get that huge paycheck as a lawyer if you attend this distinguished university.

Look at that! We’ve successfully highlighted a few of the best universities that can land you a BigLaw job in 2021. Truth is, securing a spot in the largest, well-recognized law firms in America is a daunting exercise. However, attending any of these aforementioned law schools makes the process a lot easier, and gives you an edge over lower-ranked law schools.