1 U.S. Code §209. Copies of Supplements to Code of Laws of United States and of District of Columbia Code and Supplements; conclusive evidence of original

Section Text

Copies of the Code of Laws relating to the District of Columbia and copies of the supplements provided for by sections 202 and 203 of this title printed at the Government Publishing Office and bearing its imprint, shall be conclusive evidence of the original of such code and supplements in the custody of the Administrator of General Services.

Editorial Notes

AMENDMENTS 1954—Act Sept. 3, 1954, substituted "Administrator of General Services" for "Secretary of State".CHANGE OF NAME "Government Publishing Office" substituted for "Government Printing Office" in text on authority of section 1301(b) of Pub. L. 113–235, set out as a note preceding section 301 of Title 44, Public Printing and Documents.


1 U.S.C. § 209 (2018)