11 U.S. Code §924. List of creditors

Section Text

The debtor shall file a list of creditors.

Editorial Notes

HISTORICAL AND REVISION NOTES LEGISLATIVE STATEMENTS Section 924 of the House amendment is derived from section 924 of the House bill with the location of the filing of the list of creditors to be determined by the rules of bankruptcy procedure. The detailed requirements of section 724 [probably should be "924"] of the Senate bill are anticipated to be incorporated in the rules of bankruptcy procedure.SENATE REPORT NO. 95–989 This section adopts the provision presently contained in section 85(b) of Chapter IX [section 405(b) of former title 11]. A list of creditors, as complete and accurate as practicable, must be filed with the court. HOUSE REPORT NO. 95–595 This section directs the debtor to file a list of creditors with the court. A comparable provision is presently contained in section 85(b) of chapter IX [section 405(b) of former title 11]. The Rules, in Rule 9–7, copy the provisions of section 85(b), with additional matter. As noted above, section 405(d) of title IV will continue those Rules in effect. Because the form, time of filing, and nature of the list, are procedural matters that may call for some flexibility, those details have been left to the Rules.


11 U.S.C. § 924 (2018)