12 U.S. Code §1795f. Powers of Board

Section Text

(a) General authorities

The Board on behalf of the Facility shall have the ability to—

(1) prescribe the manner in which the general business of the Facility shall be conducted;

(2) prescribe rules and regulations to carry out this subchapter;

(3) determine the expenditures incurred by the Administration to carry out this subchapter, and the expenditures incurred by the Facility to carry out subchapters I and II of this chapter, and annually assess the Facility and the Administration accordingly;

(4) borrow from—

(A) any source, provided that the total face value of these obligations shall not exceed twelve times the subscribed capital stock and surplus of the Facility; and

(B) the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund up to $500,000 to defray initial organizational and operating expenses of the Facility at such rates and terms consistent with prevailing market conditions;

(5) guarantee performance of the terms of any financial obligation of a member but only when such obligation bears a clear and conspicuous notice on its face that only the resources of the Facility underlie such guarantee;

(6) purchase any asset from a member with the member’s endorsement;

(7) invest in obligations of the United States or any agency thereof;

(8) make deposits in federally insured financial institutions and make investments in shares or deposits of credit unions;

(9) sue and be sued, complain, and defend, in any State or Federal court;

(10) adopt a seal;

(11) pursue to final disposition by way of compromise or otherwise claims both for and against the United States (other than tort claims, claims involving administrative expenses, and claims in excess of $5,000 arising out of contracts for construction, repairs, and the purchase of supplies and materials) which are not in litigation and have not been referred to the Department of Justice;

(12) appoint officers and employees to assist in carrying out this subchapter, who shall be appointed subject to the provisions of title 5;

(13) conduct business, carry on operations, have offices, and exercise the powers granted by this subchapter in any State or territory;

(14) lease, purchase, or otherwise acquire and own, hold, improve, use, or otherwise deal in and with property, real, personal, or mixed, or any interest therein, wherever situated;

(15) enter into contracts with any public or private organization, partnership, corporation, or individual;

(16) advance funds on a fully secured basis to a State credit union share or deposit insurance corporation, guaranty credit union, or guaranty association. Such advance shall not exceed twelve months in maturity, shall be relent at an interest rate not exceeding that imposed by the Facility, and shall not be renewable;

(17) exercise such incidental powers as shall be necessary or requisite to enable it to carry out effectively the purposes for which the facility is incorporated; and

(18) advance funds to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund under such terms and conditions as may be established by the Board.

(b) Collection and settlement of checks, share drafts, etc.; charges; rules and regulations

(1) The Board may authorize the Central Liquidity Facility or its Agent members, subject to such rules and regulations, including definitions of terms used in this subsection, as the Board shall from time to time prescribe, to be drawees of, and to engage in, or be agents or intermediaries for, or otherwise participate or assist in, the collection and settlement of (including presentment, clearing, and payment of, and remitting for), checks, share drafts, or any other negotiable or nonnegotiable items or instruments of payment drawn on or issued by members of the Central Liquidity Facility, any of its Agent members, or any other credit union eligible to become a member of the Central Liquidity Facility, and to have such incidental powers as the Board shall find necessary for the exercise of any such authorization.

(2) The Central Liquidity Facility or its Agent members shall make charges, to be determined and regulated by the Board consistent with the principles set forth in section 248a(c) of this title, or utilize the services of, or act as agent for, or be a member of, a Federal Reserve bank, clearinghouse, or any other public or private financial institution or other agency, in the exercise of any powers or functions pursuant to this subsection.

(3) The Board is authorized, with respect to participation in the collection and settlement of any items by the Central Liquidity Facility or by its Agent members, and with respect to the collection and settlement (including payment by the payor institution) of items payable by members of the Central Liquidity Facility or of any of its Agent members, to prescribe rules and regulations regarding the rights, powers, responsibilities, duties, and liabilities, including standards relating thereto, of such entities and other parties to any such items or their collection and settlement. In prescribing such rules and regulations, the Board may adopt or apply, in whole or in part, general banking usage and practices, and, in instances or respects in which they would otherwise not be applicable, Federal Reserve regulations and operating letters, the Uniform Commercial Code, and clearinghouse rules.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION Section 309(b)(1) of Pub. L. 96–221 redesignated subch. III as title III of act June 26, 1934, ch. 750, cited as a credit to this section.AMENDMENTS 1982—Subsec. (a)(17), (18). Pub. L. 97–320 added pars. (17) and (18). 1980—Pub. L. 96–221, §§309(a)(3), (4), (b)(2), (3), 312, designated existing provisions as subsec. (a) substituted "Board" for "Administrator", such change having been made previously by Pub. L. 95–630, and "title" and "titles" for "subchapter" and "subchapters", which for purposes of codification has been editorially translated as "subchapter" or "subchapters" thereby requiring no further change in text, in par. (15) struck out requirement respecting advance appropriation of amounts, and added subsec. (b). 1978—Pub. L. 95–630, §502(b), substituted "Board" for "Administrator".EFFECTIVE DATE OF 1978 AMENDMENT Amendment effective on expiration of 120 days after Nov. 10, 1978, and transitional provisions, see section 509 of Pub. L. 95–630, set out as a note under section 1752 of this title.EFFECTIVE DATE Section effective Oct. 1, 1979, see section 1806 of Pub. L. 95–630, set out as a note under section 1795 of this title.


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