14 U.S. Code §5108. Unfunded priorities list

Section Text

(a) In General.—Not later than 60 days after the date on which the President submits to Congress a budget pursuant to section 1105 of title 31, the Commandant shall submit to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate a list of each unfunded priority for the Coast Guard.

(b) Prioritization.—The list required under subsection (a) shall present the unfunded priorities in order from the highest priority to the lowest, as determined by the Commandant.

(c) Unfunded Priority Defined.—In this section, the term "unfunded priority" means a program or mission requirement that—

(1) has not been selected for funding in the applicable proposed budget;

(2) is necessary to fulfill a requirement associated with an operational need; and

(3) the Commandant would have recommended for inclusion in the applicable proposed budget had additional resources been available or had the requirement emerged before the budget was submitted.


14 U.S.C. § 5108 (2018)