15 U.S. Code §7506. Department of Commerce programs

Section Text

(a) NIST programs

The Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology shall—

(1) as part of the Program activities under section 7501(b)(7) of this title, establish a program to conduct basic research on issues related to the development and manufacture of nanotechnology, including metrology; reliability and quality assurance; processes control; and manufacturing best practices; and

(2) utilize the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program 1 to the extent possible to ensure that the research conducted under paragraph (1) reaches small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

(b) Clearinghouse

The Secretary of Commerce or his designee, in consultation with the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office and, to the extent possible, utilizing resources at the National Technical Information Service, shall establish a clearinghouse of information related to commercialization of nanotechnology research, including information relating to activities by regional, State, and local commercial nanotechnology initiatives; transition of research, technologies, and concepts from Federal nanotechnology research and development programs into commercial and military products; best practices by government, universities and private sector laboratories transitioning technology to commercial use; examples of ways to overcome barriers and challenges to technology deployment; and use of manufacturing infrastructure and workforce.

Editorial Notes

CHANGE OF NAME The Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program, referred to in subsec. (a), redesignated the Hollings Manufacturing Partnership Program by a provision of title II of div. B of Pub. L. 108–447, formerly set out as a note under section 278k of this title. Program subsequently designated the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership by former section 278k(i) of this title, as added by Pub. L. 111–358, and by section 278k of this title, as generally amended by Pub. L. 114–329.


15 U.S.C. § 7506 (2018)