15 U.S. Code §643. Fair charge for use of Government-owned property

Section Text

To the fullest extent the Administration deems practicable, it shall make a fair charge for the use of Government-owned property and make and let contracts on a basis that will result in a recovery of the direct costs incurred by the Administration.

Editorial Notes

PRIOR PROVISIONS Prior similar provisions were contained in section 220 of act July 30, 1953, ch. 282, title II, 67 Stat. 240, which was previously classified to section 649 of this title. The provisions of section 214 of act July 30, 1953, formerly classified to this section, were transferred to section 2[15] of Pub. L. 85–536, and are classified to section 644 of this title. See Codification note set out under section 631 of this title.


15 U.S.C. § 643 (2018)