15 U.S. Code §720l. Sense of Congress concerning natural gas demand

Section Text

It is the sense of Congress that—

(1) North American demand for natural gas will increase dramatically over the course of the next several decades;

(2) both the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline and the Mackenzie Delta Natural Gas project in Canada will be necessary to help meet the increased demand for natural gas in North America;

(3) Federal and State officials should work together with officials in Canada to ensure both projects can move forward in a mutually beneficial fashion;

(4) Federal and State officials should acknowledge that the smaller scope, fewer permitting requirements, and lower cost of the Mackenzie Delta project means it will most likely be completed before the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline;

(5) natural gas production in the 48 contiguous States and Canada will not be able to meet all domestic demand in the coming decades; and

(6) as a result, natural gas delivered from Alaskan North Slope will not displace or reduce the commercial viability of Canadian natural gas produced from the Mackenzie Delta or production from the 48 contiguous States.


15 U.S.C. § 720l (2018)