15 U.S. Code §1532. Telecommunications; electromagnetic radiation; research, analysis, dissemination of information; other functions of Secretary

Section Text

The Secretary of Commerce is authorized to—

(1) conduct research on all of the telecommunications sciences, including wave propagation and reception, the conditions which affect electromagnetic wave propagation and reception, electromagnetic noise and interference, radio system characteristics, operating techniques affecting the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, and methods for improving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for telecommunications purposes;

(2) prepare and issue predictions of electromagnetic wave propagation conditions and warnings of disturbances in such conditions;

(3) investigate conditions which affect the transmission of radio waves from their source to a receiver and the compilation and distribution of information on such transmission of radio waves as a basis for choice of frequencies to be used in radio operations;

(4) conduct research and analysis in the general field of telecommunications sciences in support of assigned functions and in support of other Government agencies;

(5) investigate nonionizing electromagnetic radiation and its uses, as well as methods and procedures for measuring and assessing electromagnetic environments, for the purpose of developing and coordinating policies and procedures affecting Federal Government use of the electromagnetic spectrum for telecommunications purposes;

(6) compile, evaluate, publish, and otherwise disseminate general scientific and technical data resulting from the performance of the functions specified in this section or from other sources when such data are important to science, engineering, or industry, or to the general public, and are not available elsewhere; and

(7) undertake such other activities similar to those specified in this subsection as the Secretary of Commerce determines appropriate.


15 U.S.C. § 1532 (2018)