15 U.S. Code §183. Report of statistics

Section Text

The Secretary of Commerce shall make a report to Congress on the first Monday of January in each year, containing the results of the information collected during the preceding year, by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, upon the condition of the manufactures, domestic trade, currency, and banks of the several States and Territories.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION R.S. §259 derived from acts Sept. 24, 1789, ch. 20, §35, 1 Stat. 92; June 25, 1868, ch. 71, §5, 15 Stat. 75; June 22, 1870, ch. 150, §5, 16 Stat. 162.AMENDMENTS 1877—Act Feb. 27, 1877, struck out "agriculture" before "manufactures".CHANGE OF NAME Act Mar. 4, 1913, substituted "Secretary of Commerce" for "Secretary of Commerce and Labor".TRANSFER OF FUNCTIONS For transfer of functions of Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, see note set out under section 172 of this title. Act Aug. 23, 1912, transferred certain duties of Department or Bureau of Labor to Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Act Feb. 14, 1903, transferred Bureau of Statistics from Treasury Department to Department of Commerce and Labor.


15 U.S.C. § 183 (2018)