15 U.S. Code §2906. Annual report

Section Text

The Secretary shall prepare and submit to the President and the authorizing committees of the Congress, not later than March 31 of each year, a report on the activities conducted pursuant to this chapter during the preceding fiscal year, including—

(a) a summary of the achievements of the Program during the previous fiscal year;

(b) an analysis of the progress made toward achieving the goals and objectives of the Program;

(c) a copy of the 5-year plan and any changes made in such plan;

(d) a summary of the multiagency budget request for the Program of section 2904(g) of this title; and

(e) any recommendations for additional legislation which may be required to assist in achieving the purposes of this chapter.

Editorial Notes

AMENDMENTS 1982—Pub. L. 97–375 substituted "March 31" for "January 30".


15 U.S.C. § 2906 (2018)