15 U.S. Code §276. Ownership of facilities

Section Text

In the absence of specific agreement to the contrary, additional facilities, including equipment, purchased pursuant to the performance of services authorized by section 273 of this title shall become the property of the Department of Commerce.

Editorial Notes

AMENDMENTS 1956—Act Aug. 3, 1956, substituted provisions relating to ownership of additional facilities by the Department of Commerce (formerly contained in section 278b of this title) for those relating to fees, see section 275a of this title. 1932—Act June 30, 1932, inserted provision for payment of moneys into the Treasury, among other changes.EFFECTIVE DATE OF 1932 AMENDMENT Amendment by act June 30, 1932, effective July 1, 1932, see section 314 of that act.


15 U.S.C. § 276 (2018)