15 U.S. Code §4907. Operation of Data Bank

Section Text

The Secretary shall manage the Data Bank to provide the most appropriate data retrieval system or systems possible. Such system or systems shall—

(1) be designed to utilize data processing and retrieval technology in monitoring, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating the data and information contained in the Data Bank;

(2) use the most effective and meaningful means of organizing and making such information available to—

(A) United States Government policymakers;

(B) United States business firms;

(C) United States workers;

(D) United States industry associations;

(E) United States agricultural interests;

(F) State and local economic development agencies; and

(G) other interested United States persons who could benefit from such information;

(3) be of such quality and timeliness and in such form as to assist coordinated trade strategies for the United States; and

(4) facilitate dissemination of information through nonprofit organizations with significant outreach programs which complement the regional outreach programs of the United States and Foreign Commercial Service.


15 U.S.C. § 4907 (2018)