15 U.S. Code §6210. Report to Congress

Section Text

In the 30-day period beginning 3 years after November 2, 1994, and with the concurrence of the Commission, the Attorney General shall submit, to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate, a report—

(1) describing how the operation of this chapter has affected the enforcement of the Federal antitrust laws,

(2) describing the extent to which foreign antitrust authorities have complied with the confidentiality requirements applicable under antitrust mutual assistance agreements in effect under this chapter,

(3) specifying separately the identities of the foreign states, regional economic integration organizations, and foreign antitrust authorities that have entered into such agreements and the identities of the foreign antitrust authorities with respect to which such foreign states and such organizations have entered into such agreements,

(4) specifying the identity of each foreign state, and each regional economic integration organization, that has in effect a law similar to this chapter,

(5) giving the approximate number of requests made by the Attorney General and the Commission under such agreements to foreign antitrust authorities for antitrust investigations and for antitrust evidence,

(6) giving the approximate number of requests made by foreign antitrust authorities under such agreements to the Attorney General and the Commission for investigations under section 6202 of this title, for orders under section 6203 of this title, and for antitrust evidence, and

(7) describing any significant problems or concerns of which the Attorney General is aware with respect to the operation of this chapter.


15 U.S.C. § 6210 (2018)