16 U.S. Code §409. Establishment; acquisition of land

Section Text

When title to all the lands, structures, and other property in the military camp-ground areas and other areas of Revolutionary War interest at and in the vicinity of Morristown, New Jersey, as shall be designated by the Secretary of the Interior, in the exercise of his discretion, as necessary or desirable for national-park purposes, shall have been vested in the United States, such areas shall be, and they are, established, dedicated, and set apart as a public park for the benefit and enjoyment of the people and shall be known as the Morristown National Historical Park: Provided, That the United States shall not purchase by appropriation of public moneys any lands within the aforesaid areas, but such lands shall be secured by the United States only by public or private donation: And provided further, That such areas shall include, at least, Jockey Hollow camp site, now owned by Lloyd W. Smith and the town of Morristown, Fort Nonsense, now owned by the town of Morristown, and the George Washington Headquarters, known as the Ford House, with its museum and other personal effects and its grounds, now owned by the Washington Association of New Jersey.


16 U.S.C. § 409 (2018)