16 U.S. Code §450jj-7. Development and management plan for East Saint Louis, Illinois, portion of Memorial

Section Text

(a) Within two years from August 24, 1984, the Commission shall develop and transmit to the Secretary a development and management plan for the East Saint Louis, Illinois, portion of the Memorial. The plan shall include—

(1) measures for the preservation of the area’s resources;

(2) indications of types and general intensities of development (including visitor circulation and transportation patterns, systems, and modes) associated with public enjoyment and use of the area, including general locations, timing of implementation, and cost estimates;

(3) identification of any implementation commitments for visitor carrying capacities for all areas of the area;

(4) indications of potential modifications to the external boundaries of the area, the reasons therefore,1 and cost estimates;

(5) measures and commitments for insuring that the development, management, and operation of the area in the State of Illinois are compatible with the portion of the Memorial in the State of Missouri;

(6) opportunities and commitments for cooperative activities in the development, management, and operation of the East Saint Louis portion of the Memorial with other Federal, State, and local agencies, and the private sector; and

(7) effective and appropriate ways to increase local participation in the management of the East Saint Louis portion of the Memorial to help reduce the day-to-day operational and management responsibilities of the National Park Service and to increase opportunities for local employment.

(b) The plan shall also identify and include—

(1) needs, opportunities, and commitments for the aesthetic and economic rehabilitation of the entire East Saint Louis, Illinois, waterfront and adjacent areas, in a manner compatible with and complementary to, the Memorial, including the appropriate commitments and roles of the Federal, State, and local governments and the private sector; and

(2) cost estimates and recommendations for Federal, State, and local administrative and legislative actions.

In carrying out its duties under this section, the Commission shall take into account Federal, State, and local plans and studies respecting the area, including the study by the National Park Service on the feasibility of a museum of American ethnic culture to be a part of any development plans for the Memorial.


16 U.S.C. § 450jj-7 (2018)