16 U.S. Code §79e. Exchange of property; cash equalization payments; commercial operations, minimum economic dislocation and disruption

Section Text

In exercising his authority to acquire property by exchange, the Secretary may accept title to any non-Federal property within the boundaries of the park, and outside of such boundaries within the limits prescribed in this subchapter. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary may acquire such property from the grantor by exchange for any federally owned property under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management in California, except property needed for public use and management, which he classifies as suitable for exchange or other disposal, or any federally owned property he may designate within the Northern Redwood Purchase Unit in Del Norte County, California, except that section known and designated as the Yurok Experimental Forest, consisting of approximately nine hundred and thirty-five acres. Such federally owned property shall also be available for use by the Secretary in lieu of, or together with, cash in payment of just compensation for any real property taken pursuant to section 79c(b) of this title. The values of the properties so exchanged either shall be approximately equal or, if they are not approximately equal, the value shall be equalized by the payment of cash to the grantor or to the Secretary as the circumstances require. Through the exercise of his exchange authority, the Secretary shall, to the extent possible, minimize economic dislocation and the disruption of the grantor’s commercial operations.


16 U.S.C. § 79e (2018)