16 U.S. Code §369. Charges assessable against bath attendants and masseurs and physicians prescribing use of hot waters

Section Text

The Secretary of the Interior is authorized to assess and collect from physicians who desire to prescribe the hot waters from the Hot Springs National Park reasonable fees for examination and registration; and he is also authorized to assess and collect from bath attendants and masseurs operating in bathhouses receiving hot water from the park reasonable annual charges to cover the cost of physical examinations.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION As originally enacted, this section authorized reasonable charges against physicians, including fees for examination and registration. It also authorized collection of reasonable charges from bath attendants and masseurs, and provided that the moneys received should be used in the protection and improvement of the park.AMENDMENTS 1931—Act Mar. 2, 1931, struck out provision that moneys received from the assessment and collection of fees were to be used for the protection and improvement of the park.CHANGE OF NAME "Hot Springs National Park" substituted in text for "Hot Springs Reservation" pursuant to act Mar. 4, 1921.


16 U.S.C. § 369 (2018)