16 U.S. Code §281. Purpose

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It is the purpose of this subchapter to facilitate protection and provide interpretation of sites in the Nez Perce country of Idaho and in the States of Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming that have exceptional value in commemorating the history of the Nation.

Editorial Notes

AMENDMENTS 1992—Pub. L. 102–576, which directed the insertion of "and in the States of Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming" after "the Nez Perce Country of Idaho", was executed by making the insertion after "the Nez Perce country of Idaho" to reflect the probable intent of Congress.SHORT TITLE OF 1992 AMENDMENT Pub. L. 102–576, §1, Oct. 30, 1992, 106 Stat. 4770, provided that: "This Act [amending this section and sections 281a to 281c, 281e, and 281f of this title] may be cited as the ‘Nez Perce National Historical Park Additions Act of 1991’."


16 U.S.C. § 281 (2018)