16 U.S. Code §607a. Cutting and use of timber in Alaska by settlers, residents, miners, etc.

Section Text

The Secretary of the Interior may permit under regulations to be prescribed by him the use of timber found upon the public land in Alaska by actual settlers, residents, individual miners, and prospectors for minerals, for firewood, fencing, buildings, mining, prospecting, and for domestic purposes, as may actually be needed by such persons for such purposes and may permit such use by churches, hospitals, and charitable institutions in Alaska for firewood, fencing, buildings, and for domestic purposes.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION Section is comprised of the last sentence of section 11 of act May 14, 1898. The remainder of section 11 of act May 14, 1898, is classified to section 615a of this title. Section was formerly classified to section 423 of Title 48, Territories and Insular Possessions.AMENDMENTS 1938—Act June 15, 1938, inserted last clause relating to use of timber by churches, hospitals, and charitable institutions.


16 U.S.C. § 607a (2018)