16 U.S. Code §3633. Authority and responsibility

Section Text

(a) Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is authorized to—

(1) receive and transmit, on behalf of the United States, reports, requests, recommendations, proposals, and other communications of and to the Commission and Panels;

(2) in consultation with the Secretary and the Secretary of the Interior, approve, disapprove, object to, or withdraw objections to fishery regimes, including enhancement programs and Fraser River Panel regulations proposed in accordance with the Treaty, on the condition that the United States shall be obligated to carry out such regimes or regulations only to the extent that funds are made available for such purposes in appropriation Acts; and

(3) act upon, or refer to other appropriate authority, any communication referred to in paragraph (1) of this subsection other than a proposed fishery regime or Fraser River Panel regulation.

(b) States and treaty Indian tribes

Recommendations of the Commission on fishery regimes or Fraser River Panel regulations approved by the Secretary of State pursuant to subsection (a)(2) shall be forwarded immediately to the States of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and to the treaty Indian tribes, as appropriate. In the exercise of their general fishery management authority, the States and treaty Indian tribes may adopt corresponding laws, regulations, or orders within their respective jurisdictions.

(c) Secretary of Commerce

In cooperation with the appropriate Regional Fishery Management Councils, States and treaty Indian tribes, the Secretary shall prepare, as appropriate, all statements, reports, and information required by the Treaty and submit such documents to the Secretary of State, who shall transmit them to the Commission.


16 U.S.C. § 3633 (2018)