16 U.S. Code §4303. Management actions

Section Text

(a) Regulations

Not later than nine months after November 18, 1988, the Secretary shall issue such regulations as he deems necessary to achieve the purposes of this chapter. Regulations shall include, but not be limited to, criteria for the identification of significant caves. The Secretaries shall cooperate and consult with one another in preparation of the regulations. To the extent practical, regulations promulgated by the respective Secretaries should be similar.

(b) In general

The Secretary shall take such actions as may be necessary to further the purposes of this chapter. Those actions shall include (but need not be limited to)—

(1) identification of significant caves on Federal lands:

(A) The Secretary shall prepare an initial list of significant caves for lands under his jurisdiction not later than one year after the publication of final regulations using the significance criteria defined in such regulations. Such a list shall be developed after consultation with appropriate private sector interests, including cavers.

(B) The initial list of significant caves shall be updated periodically, after consultation with appropriate private sector interests, including cavers. The Secretary shall prescribe by policy or regulation the requirements and process by which the initial list will be updated, including management measures to assure that caves under consideration for the list are protected during the period of consideration. Each cave recommended to the Secretary by interested groups for possible inclusion on the list of significant caves shall be considered by the Secretary according to the requirements prescribed pursuant to this paragraph, and shall be added to the list if the Secretary determines that the cave meets the criteria for significance as defined by the regulations.

(2) regulation or restriction of use of significant caves, as appropriate;

(3) entering into volunteer management agreements with persons of the scientific and recreational caving community; and

(4) appointment of appropriate advisory committees.

(c) Planning and public participation

The Secretary shall—

(1) ensure that significant caves are considered in the preparation or implementation of any land management plan if the preparation or revision of the plan began after November 18, 1988; and

(2) foster communication, cooperation, and exchange of information between land managers, those who utilize caves, and the public.


16 U.S.C. § 4303 (2018)