16 U.S. Code §6705. Cooperation between Institutes and Federal agencies

Section Text

In carrying out this chapter, the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of the Interior—

(1) to the extent that funds are appropriated for the purpose, shall provide financial and technical assistance to the Institutes to carry out the duties of the Institutes under section 6704 of this title;

(2) shall encourage Federal agencies to use, on a cooperative basis, information and expertise provided by the Institutes;

(3) shall encourage cooperation and coordination between Federal programs relating to—

(A) ecological restoration;

(B) wildfire risk reduction; and

(C) wildfire management technologies;

(4) notwithstanding chapter 63 of title 31, may—

(A) enter into contracts, cooperative agreements, and interagency personnel agreements to carry out this chapter; and

(B) carry out other transactions under this chapter;

(5) may accept funds from other Federal agencies to supplement or fully fund grants made, and contracts entered into, by the Secretaries;

(6) may support a program of internships for qualified individuals at the undergraduate and graduate levels to carry out the educational and training objectives of this chapter;

(7) shall encourage professional education and public information activities relating to the purposes of this chapter; and

(8) may promulgate such regulations as the Secretaries determine are necessary to carry out this chapter.


16 U.S.C. § 6705 (2018)