2 U.S. Code §2b. Number of Representatives from each State in 78th and subsequent Congresses

Section Text

Each State shall be entitled, in the Seventy-eighth and in each Congress thereafter until the taking effect of a reapportionment under a subsequent statute or section 2a of this title, to the number of Representatives shown in the statement transmitted to the Congress on January 8, 1941, based upon the method known as the method of equal proportions, no State to receive less than one Member.

Editorial Notes

CERTIFICATES TO EXECUTIVES OF STATES Act Nov. 15, 1941, ch. 470, §2(b), 55 Stat. 762, required Clerk of House of Representatives, within 15 days of Nov. 15, 1941, to send a new certificate of entitlement of a State to Representatives, if such a certificate had been sent prior to Nov. 15, 1941, under provisions of section 2a of this title.


2 U.S.C. § 2b (2018)