2 U.S. Code §132a-2. Furniture, furnishings, and office and library equipment; transfer of funds

Section Text

(a) Transfer of funds

In addition to any other transfer authority provided by law, during fiscal year 2001 and fiscal years thereafter, the Librarian of Congress may transfer to and among available accounts of the Library of Congress amounts appropriated to the Librarian from funds for the purchase, installation, maintenance, and repair of furniture, furnishings, and office and library equipment.

(b) Availability of funds

Any amounts transferred pursuant to subsection (a) shall be merged with and be available for the same purpose and for the same period as the appropriation or account to which such amounts are transferred.

(c) Approval of Congress

The Librarian may transfer amounts pursuant to subsection (a) only with the approval of the Committees on Appropriations of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION Section is from the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2001.


2 U.S.C. § 132a-2 (2018)