2 U.S. Code §5105. Transfer of appropriations by House Leadership Offices

Section Text

(a) In general

Each office described under the heading "HOUSE LEADERSHIP OFFICES" in the Act making appropriations for the legislative branch for a fiscal year may transfer any amounts appropriated for the office under such heading among the various categories of allowances and expenses for the office under such heading.

(b) Official expenses

Subsection (a) shall not apply with respect to any amounts appropriated for official expenses.

(c) Applicability

This section shall apply with respect to fiscal year 1999 and each succeeding fiscal year.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION Section was formerly classified to section 74a–11 of this title prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as this section. Section is from the 1999 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act.


2 U.S.C. § 5105 (2018)