2 U.S. Code §191. Oaths to witnesses

Section Text

The President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, or a chairman of any joint committee established by a joint or concurrent resolution of the two Houses of Congress, or of a committee of the whole, or of any committee of either House of Congress, is empowered to administer oaths to witnesses in any case under their examination.

Any member of either House of Congress may administer oaths to witnesses in any matter depending in either House of Congress of which he is a Member, or any committee thereof.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION R.S. §101 derived from acts May 3, 1798, ch. 36, §1, 1 Stat. 554, and Feb. 8, 1817, ch. 10, 3 Stat. 345. R.S. §101 constitutes first sentence, and act June 26, 1884, constitutes second sentence.AMENDMENTS 1938—Act June 22, 1938, reenacted section without change.


2 U.S.C. § 191 (2018)