5 U.S. Code §901. Purpose

Section Text

(a) The Congress declares that it is the policy of the United States—

(1) to promote the better execution of the laws, the more effective management of the executive branch and of its agencies and functions, and the expeditious administration of the public business;

(2) to reduce expenditures and promote economy to the fullest extent consistent with the efficient operation of the Government;

(3) to increase the efficiency of the operations of the Government to the fullest extent practicable;

(4) to group, coordinate, and consolidate agencies and functions of the Government, as nearly as may be, according to major purposes;

(5) to reduce the number of agencies by consolidating those having similar functions under a single head, and to abolish such agencies or functions thereof as may not be necessary for the efficient conduct of the Government; and

(6) to eliminate overlapping and duplication of effort.

(b) Congress declares that the public interest demands the carrying out of the purposes of subsection (a) of this section and that the purposes may be accomplished in great measure by proceeding under this chapter, and can be accomplished more speedily thereby than by the enactment of specific legislation.

(c) It is the intent of Congress that the President should provide appropriate means for broad citizen advice and participation in restructuring and reorganizing the executive branch.

(d) The President shall from time to time examine the organization of all agencies and shall determine what changes in such organization are necessary to carry out any policy set forth in subsection (a) of this section.

Editorial Notes

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 11007 Ex. Ord. No. 11007, Feb. 27, 1962, 27 F.R. 1875, which related to regulations for formation and use of advisory committees, was superseded by Ex. Ord. No. 11671, June 5, 1972, 37 F.R. 11307. EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 11671 Ex. Ord. No. 11671, June 5, 1972, 37 F.R. 11307, which related to committee management, was superseded by Ex. Ord. No. 11686, Oct. 7, 1972, 37 F.R. 21421, set out in the Appendix to this title.


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