7 U.S. Code §361e. Payment of allotments to State agricultural experiment stations; directors and treasurers or other officers; accounting; reports to Secretary; replacement by States of diminished, lost or misapplied allotments; subsequent allotments or payments contingent on such replacement

Section Text

Sums available for allotment to the States under the terms of sections 361a to 361i of this title, excluding the Multistate Research Fund, State Agricultural Experiment Stations, shall be paid to each State agricultural experiment station in equal quarterly payments beginning on the first day of October of each fiscal year upon vouchers approved by the Secretary of Agriculture. Each such station authorized to receive allotted funds shall have a chief administrative officer known as a director, and a treasurer or other officer appointed by the governing board of the station. Such treasurer or other officer shall receive and account for all funds allotted to the State under the provisions of sections 361a to 361i of this title and shall report, with the approval of the director, to the Secretary of Agriculture on or before the first day of December of each year a detailed statement of the amount received under provisions of said sections during the preceding fiscal year, and of its disbursement on schedules prescribed by the Secretary of Agriculture. If any portion of the allotted moneys received by the authorized receiving officer of any State agricultural experiment station shall by any action or contingency be diminished, lost, or misapplied, it shall be replaced by the State concerned and until so replaced no subsequent appropriation shall be allotted or paid to such State.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION Section was formerly classified to section 368a of this title. See sections 361c and 361d of this title.AMENDMENTS 1998—Pub. L. 105–185, §203(c)(3), substituted "Multistate Research Fund, State Agricultural Experiment Stations" for "regional research fund authorized by section 361c(c)(3) of this title" in first sentence. 1976—Pub. L. 94–273 substituted "October" for "July" and "December" for "September". 1955—Act Aug. 11, 1955, amended section generally to provide for quarterly payment of allotments, to require annual report of allotments and disbursements, and to provide for replacement of funds diminished, lost, or misapplied. For provisions which authorized appropriations for investigations and experiments, see sections 361c and 361d of this title.


7 U.S.C. § 361e (2018)