7 U.S. Code §589. Definitions

Section Text

When used in this chapter—

(1) The term "person" includes individuals, partnerships, corporations, and associations.

(2) The term "Secretary of Agriculture" means the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.

(3) Except as provided herein, the term "foreign commerce" means commerce between any State, or the District of Columbia, and any place outside of the United States or its possessions.

(4) The term "apples" means fresh whole apples, whether or not the apples have been in storage.

(5) The term "bulk container" means a container that contains a quantity of apples weighing more than 100 pounds.

Editorial Notes

AMENDMENTS 2014—Par. (5). Pub. L. 113–79 added par. (5). 1999—Par. (4). Pub. L. 106–96 added par. (4) and struck out former par. (4) which read as follows: "The term ‘apples and/or pears’ means fresh whole apples or pears, whether or not they have been in storage."


7 U.S.C. § 589 (2018)