7 U.S. Code §909. Administration on nonpolitical basis; dismissal of officers or employees for violating provision

Section Text

This chapter shall be administered entirely on a nonpartisan basis, and in the appointment of officials, the selection of employees, and in the promotion of any such officials or employees, no political test or qualification shall be permitted or given consideration, but all such appointments and promotions shall be given and made on the basis of merit and efficiency. If the Secretary herein provided for is found by the President of the United States to be guilty of a violation of this section, he shall be removed from office by the President, and any appointee or selection of officials or employees made by the Secretary who is found guilty of a violation of this chapter shall be removed by the Secretary.

Editorial Notes

AMENDMENTS 1994—Pub. L. 103–354 substituted "Secretary" for "Administrator" wherever appearing. 1949—Act Oct. 28, 1949, inserted "title I," in credit of act May 20, 1936.


7 U.S.C. § 909 (2018)