7 U.S. Code §936d. Eligibility of distribution borrowers for loans, loan guarantees, and lien accommodations

Section Text

For the purpose of determining the eligibility of a distribution borrower not in default on the repayment of a loan made or guaranteed under this chapter for a loan, loan guarantee, or lien accommodation under this subchapter, a default by a borrower from which the distribution borrower purchases wholesale power shall not—

(1) be considered a default by the distribution borrower;

(2) reduce the eligibility of the distribution borrower for assistance under this chapter; or

(3) be the cause, directly or indirectly, of imposing any requirement or restriction on the borrower as a condition of the assistance, except such requirements or restrictions as are necessary to implement a debt restructuring agreed on by the power supply borrower and the Government.


7 U.S.C. § 936d (2018)