7 U.S. Code §951. Collection and publication; facts required; submission of report

Section Text

The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized and directed to collect and publish statistics of raw peanuts, shelled, unshelled, and crushed, and peanut oil, in the United States, received, processed, shipped, and owned by or in the possession of warehousemen, brokers, cleaners, shellers, dealers, growers’ cooperative associations, crushers, salters, manufacturers of peanut products, and owners other than the original producers of peanuts: Provided, That the Secretary may, in his discretion, omit for any period of time to collect such statistics from any or all salters of peanuts or manufacturers of peanut products who used, during the calendar year preceding that for which statistics are being collected, less than thirty thousand pounds of shelled and unshelled peanuts. Such statistics shall show the quality of peanuts in such details as to kinds—Virginias, Runners, Spanish, and imported varieties—as the Secretary shall deem necessary for the purposes of this chapter. All reports shall be submitted monthly in each year, except as otherwise prescribed by the Secretary.

Editorial Notes

AMENDMENTS 1957—Pub. L. 85–105 struck out "except those required from persons owning or operating peanut picking or threshing machines" after "All reports" in last sentence and inserted "except as otherwise prescribed by the Secretary". 1938—Act May 12, 1938, among other changes, inserted proviso.


7 U.S.C. § 951 (2018)