7 U.S. Code §5401. Establishment of Agricultural Council on Environmental Quality

Section Text

(a) Establishment

The Secretary shall establish an Agricultural Council on Environmental Quality in the Department of Agriculture (hereafter in this chapter referred to as the "Council"). The Council shall be under the direct authority of the Secretary, and shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this chapter, and for coordination and direction of all environmental policies and programs of the Department.

(b) Membership

Membership of the Council shall consist of the Secretary, the Deputy Secretary, the Assistant Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, the Assistant Secretary for Science and Education, other under and assistant secretaries as may be designated by the Secretary, and the Director of the Office of Agricultural Environmental Quality, established in section 5402 of this title, who shall serve as the Executive Director of the Council. The Secretary shall designate a member of the Council, other than the Executive Director, as chair of the Council.


7 U.S.C. § 5401 (2018)