8 U.S. Code §1771. General Accounting Office study

Section Text

(a) Requirement for study (1) In general

The Comptroller General of the United States shall conduct a study to determine the feasibility and utility of implementing a requirement that each nonimmigrant alien in the United States submit to the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization each year a current address and, where applicable, the name and address of an employer.

(2) Nonimmigrant alien defined

In paragraph (1), the term "nonimmigrant alien" means an alien described in section 1101(a)(15) of this title.

(b) Report

Not later than 1 year after May 14, 2002, the Comptroller General shall submit to Congress a report on the results of the study under subsection (a). The report shall include the Comptroller General’s findings, together with any recommendations that the Comptroller General considers appropriate.

Editorial Notes

CHANGE OF NAME General Accounting Office redesignated Government Accountability Office by section 8 of Pub. L. 108–271, set out as a note under section 702 of Title 31, Money and Finance.ABOLITION OF IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICE AND TRANSFER OF FUNCTIONS For abolition of Immigration and Naturalization Service, transfer of functions, and treatment of related references, see note set out under section 1551 of this title.


8 U.S.C. § 1771 (2018)