12 U.S. Code §4102. Notice of intent

Section Text

(a) Filing with Secretary

An owner of eligible low-income housing that intends to terminate the low-income affordability restrictions through prepayment or voluntary termination in accordance with section 4108 of this title, extend the low-income affordability restrictions of the housing in accordance with section 4109 of this title, or transfer the housing to a qualified purchaser in accordance with section 4110 of this title, shall file with the Secretary a notice indicating such intent in the form and manner as the Secretary shall prescribe.

(b) Filing with State or local government, tenants, and mortgagee

The owner, upon filing a notice of intent under this section, shall simultaneously file the notice of intent with the chief executive officer of the appropriate State or local government for the jurisdiction within which the housing is located and with the mortgagee, and shall inform the tenants of the housing of the filing.

(c) Ineligibility for filing

An owner shall not be eligible to file a notice of intent under this section if the mortgage covering the housing—

(1) falls into default on or after November 28, 1990; or

(2)(A) fell into default before, but is current as of, November 28, 1990; and

(B) the owner does not agree to recompense the appropriate Insurance Fund, in the amount the Secretary determines appropriate, for any losses sustained by the Fund as a result of any work-out or other arrangement agreed to by the Secretary and the owner with respect to the defaulted mortgage.

The Secretary shall carry out this subsection in a manner consistent with the provisions of section 1701z–11 of this title.


12 U.S.C. § 4102 (2018)