16 U.S. Code §408e. Addition of lands; Passage Island

Section Text

Subject to valid existing rights the following-described lands, in addition to the lands established as the Isle Royale National Park pursuant to sections 408 to 408b of this title, are made a part of the park:

(a) Passage Island, containing approximately one hundred and eighty-two acres, located in sections 3, 4, and 9, township 67 north, range 32 west, in Keweenaw County, Michigan: Provided, That the Secretary of the Navy shall retain control and jurisdiction over the following portions of the Island for lighthouse and boathouse purposes:

(1) All that part of Passage Island lying south of a true east and west line located four hundred and twenty-five feet true north of the center of the Passage Island Light containing approximately six and five-tenths acres.

(2) Beginning at the center of Passage Island Light, thence north thirty-three degrees fifty-two minutes east three thousand five hundred and fifteen feet to a point from which this description shall begin to measure, being the southwest corner of said boathouse site; thence north two hundred feet to a point being the northwest corner of said site; thence east one hundred and seventy-five feet more or less to the harbor shore; thence southeasterly following the harbor shore to a point on the shore being a point on the south boundary of the boathouse site; thence two hundred feet more or less west to the point of beginning, containing approximately seventy-eight one-hundredths acre.

(3) A right-of-way between the sites described in the preceding subparagraphs, to be defined by the Secretary of the Navy within a reasonable length of time after March 6, 1942.

(b) Gull Islands, containing approximately six acres, located in section 19, township 68 north, range 31 west, in Keweenaw County, Michigan.

Editorial Notes

AMENDMENTS 1976—Pub. L. 94–567 designated existing provisions as par. (a), redesignated subpars. (a) to (c) as (1) to (3), respectively, and added par. (b). 1942—Act July 27, 1942, substituted "Secretary of the Navy" for "Secretary of the Treasury".


16 U.S.C. § 408e (2018)