16 U.S. Code §408i. Acceptance of territory ceded by Michigan; jurisdiction

Section Text

Sole and exclusive jurisdiction over and within all the territory that is as of March 6, 1942 or may thereafter be included in that area in the State of Michigan set aside and dedicated for park purposes by the United States as the Isle Royale National Park is assumed by the United States, saving, however, to the State of Michigan the right to serve civil or criminal process within the limits of the aforesaid park in suits or prosecutions for or on account of rights acquired, obligations incurred, or crimes committed in said State outside of said park; and saving further to said State the right to tax persons and corporations, their franchises and property on the lands included in said park; and saving also to the persons residing in said park now, or hereafter, the right to vote at all elections held within the county in which they reside. All fugitives from justice taking refuge in said park shall be subject to the same laws as refugees from justice found in the State of Michigan.

Editorial Notes

CODIFICATION A provision accepting the act of the Michigan Legislature which ceded to the United States exclusive jurisdiction over the territory referred to in this section has been omitted as executed.NOTICE TO MICHIGAN OF SECTIONS 408I TO 408Q Act Mar. 6, 1942, ch. 150, §10, 56 Stat. 135, which act affected sections 408i to 408q of this title, provided: "That the Secretary of the Interior shall notify in writing the Governor of the State of Michigan of the passage and approval of this Act, and of the fact that the United States assumes police jurisdiction over said park as specified in said act of the State of Michigan."


16 U.S.C. § 408i (2018)