16 U.S. Code §410jj-1. Purposes

Section Text

The Congress declares the following to constitute the principal purposes of the park:

(1) to preserve and interpret the Kalaupapa settlement for the education and inspiration of present and future generations;

(2) to provide a well-maintained community in which the Kalaupapa leprosy patients are guaranteed that they may remain at Kalaupapa as long as they wish; to protect the current lifestyle of these patients and their individual privacy; to research, preserve, and maintain the present character of the community; to research, preserve, and maintain important historic structures, traditional Hawaiian sites, cultural values, and natural features; and to provide for limited visitation by the general public; and

(3) to provide that the preservation and interpretation of the settlement be managed and performed by patients and Native Hawaiians to the extent practical, and that training opportunities be provided such persons in management and interpretation of the settlement’s cultural, historical, educational, and scenic resources.


16 U.S.C. § 410jj-1 (2018)