16 U.S. Code §428p. Fort Donelson National Battlefield

Section Text

(a) Designation; purpose

There exists as a unit of the National Park System the Fort Donelson National Battlefield to commemorate—

(1) the Battle of Fort Donelson in February 1862; and

(2) the campaign conducted by General Ulysses S. Grant and Admiral Andrew H. Foote that resulted in the capture of Fort Donelson by Union forces.

(b) Boundaries

The boundary of the Fort Donelson National Battlefield is revised to include the site of Fort Donelson and associated land that has been acquired by the Secretary of the Interior for administration by the National Park Service, including Fort Donelson National Cemetery, in Stewart County, Tennessee and the site of Fort Heiman and associated land in Calloway County, Kentucky, as generally depicted on the map entitled "Fort Donelson National Battlefield Boundary Adjustment" numbered 328/80024, and dated September 2003. The map shall be on file and available for public inspection in the appropriate offices of the National Park Service.

(c) Expansion of boundaries

The Fort Donelson National Battlefield shall also include any land acquired pursuant to section 428p–1 of this title.


16 U.S.C. § 428p (2018)