16 U.S. Code §430h-3. Consolidation of lands and installation of park tour road

Section Text

In order to preserve and protect the essential historical features of Vicksburg National Military Park in the State of Mississippi and to enhance visitor enjoyment and safety by means of a park tour road and through the consolidation of park lands, the Secretary of the Interior is authorized, in his discretion, and under such terms and conditions as he determines are in the public interest—

(a) Disposition of lands and roads; incorporation into municipal road system; reversion on failure of conditions; reservation of title to monuments and easements

to quitclaim to the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, approximately one hundred and fifty-four acres of land, including the roads thereon and the park land abutting said roads, in exchange for the city’s agreeing to place the roads in its road system and thereby assume jurisdiction and maintenance thereof, and upon the further agreement of the city to maintain the parklike character of so much of the parkland conveyed to it and abutting the road as the Secretary may prescribe, said land being generally that part of Vicksburg National Military Park lying south of Fort Garrott with the exception of Navy Circle, South Fort, and Louisiana Circle: Provided, That title to so much of said abutting park land prescribed by the Secretary and covered by said agreement of the city to maintain the parklike character thereof shall revert to the United States if its parklike character is not maintained; to quitclaim to Warren County, Mississippi, upon like terms and conditions approximately twenty-four acres of land, including the road and abutting park land, being known as Sherman Avenue and the Sherman Avenue spur; to release or quitclaim to Warren County or any other appropriate political subdivision of the State all interest which the United States of America has, if any, in those portions of any public road located on park land which are no longer required for park purposes: Provided, That the United States shall reserve from the conveyance or conveyances made pursuant to this subsection title to all historical monuments, means of access thereto, and such other easements as the Secretary determines are required for the continued administration of said monuments as a part of Vicksburg National Military Park; and

(b) Acquisition of lands: purchases, condemnations and donations

to acquire not in excess of five hundred and forty-four acres of land, or interests in land, for addition to Vicksburg National Military Park, such authority to include purchase and condemnation with appropriated funds but not to constitute a limitation upon existing authority to accept donations; and

(c) Municipal agreements of park tour road’s effect upon local road systems; Federal obligations for local roads directly attributable to installation of park tour road

to enter into agreements with duly authorized officials of the City of Vicksburg and Warren County relative to the effect which the installation of a one-way park tour road with controlled access will have upon the existing local road systems; subject to the availability of funds, to obligate the United States to make provisions for such alterations, relocations and construction of local roads, including procurement of rights-of-way therefor and the subsequent transfer thereof to the State or its appropriate political subdivisions which shall thereupon assume jurisdiction and maintenance, as the Secretary and said officials agree are directly attributable to the installation of the park tour road; and to transfer to the city or county jurisdiction and maintenance of service roads which the Secretary constructs on park lands to properties that otherwise would be denied access because of the installation of the park tour road.

The Secretary of the Interior shall not, without first obtaining the consent of the city and county officials referred to in subsection (c), convert the portion of the existing road known as Confederate Avenue lying between Graveyard Road and Fort Garrott into a one-way park tour road with controlled access, or otherwise limit the use of such portion by local traffic, until the United States has provided for such alterations, relocations, and construction of local roads (including procurement of rights-of-way) as the Secretary and said officials agree are directly attributable to the installation of such park tour road.


16 U.S.C. § 430h-3 (2018)