16 U.S. Code §4913. Exotic bird conservation assistance

Section Text

(a) Assistance

The Secretary, subject to the availability of appropriations, shall use amounts in the Exotic Bird Conservation Fund established by subsection (b) to provide financial and technical assistance for projects to conserve exotic birds in their native countries. In selecting projects for assistance, the Secretary shall give particular attention to species that are subject to an import moratorium or quota under this chapter, in order to assist those countries in the development and implementation of conservation management programs, or law enforcement, or both.

(b) Fund (1) Establishment

There is established in the Treasury a separate account, which shall be known as the "Exotic Bird Conservation Fund".

(2) Contents

The Fund shall consist of—

(A) all amounts received by the United States in the form of penalties, fines, or forfeiture of property collected under this chapter in excess of the cost of paying rewards under section 4912(c) of this title;

(B) donations received by the Secretary for exotic bird conservation; and

(C) such amounts as are appropriated to the Secretary for conserving exotic birds.

(c) Review and report on other conservation opportunities

The Secretary, in consultation with appropriate representatives of industry, the conservation community, the Secretariat of the Convention, and other national and international bodies, shall—

(1) review opportunities for a voluntary program of labeling exotic birds, certification of exotic bird breeding facilities and retail outlets, and provision of privately organized or funded technical assistance to other nations; and

(2) report to the Congress the results of this review within 2 years after October 23, 1992.


16 U.S.C. § 4913 (2018)