16 U.S. Code §4914. Marking and recordkeeping

Section Text

(a) In general

The Secretary is authorized to promulgate regulations to require marking or recordkeeping that the Secretary determines will contribute significantly to the ability of the Secretary to ensure compliance with the prohibitions of section 4910 of this title, for—

(1) any exotic bird that is imported after October 23, 1992; or

(2) any other exotic bird that is—

(A) hatched after October 23, 1992;

(B) offered for sale; and

(C) of a species—

(i) the export of which from any country of origin is prohibited; and

(ii) that is subject to a high level of illegal trade.

(b) Avoiding deterrence of breeding

The Secretary shall seek to ensure that regulations promulgated under this section will not have the effect of deterring captive breeding of exotic birds.


16 U.S.C. § 4914 (2018)