16 U.S. Code §410d. Acceptance and protection of property pending establishment of park; publication of establishment order

Section Text

(a) For the purpose of protecting the scenery, the wildlife, and other natural features of the region authorized to be established as the Everglades National Park by sections 410 to 410c of this title, notwithstanding any provision contained in said sections, the Secretary of the Interior is authorized in his discretion to accept on behalf of the United States any land, submerged land, or interests therein, subject to such reservations of oil, gas, or mineral rights as the Secretary may approve, within the area of approximately two thousand square miles recommended by said Secretary in his report to the Congress of December 3, 1930, pursuant to the Act of March 1, 1929 (45 Stat. 1443): Provided, That no general development of the property accepted pursuant to this section shall be undertaken nor shall the park be established until title satisfactory to the Secretary to a major portion of the lands, to be selected by him, within the aforesaid recommended area shall have been vested in the United States: Provided further, That until the property acquired by the United States pursuant to this section has been cleared of the aforesaid reservations, the Secretary in his discretion shall furnish such protection thereover as may be necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes of this section: And provided further, That in the event the park is not established within ten years from December 6, 1944, or upon the abandonment of the park at any time after its establishment, title to any lands accepted pursuant to the provisions of this section shall thereupon automatically revest in the State of Florida or other grantors of such property to the United States.

(b) Upon the execution of the aforesaid provisions relating to establishment thereof, the Everglades National Park shall be established by order of the Secretary which shall be published in the Federal Register.

Editorial Notes

REFERENCES IN TEXT Act of March 1, 1929 (45 Stat. 1443), referred to in subsec. (a), is act Mar. 1, 1929, ch. 446, 45 Stat. 1443, which is not classified to the Code.


16 U.S.C. § 410d (2018)