16 U.S. Code §410r-1. Acceptance of additional lands

Section Text

The Secretary of the Interior is authorized to accept for Everglades National Park purposes, title to approximately 1,160 acres of land and submerged land lying within sections 25, 26, and 36 of township 53 south, range 29 east, and section 30, township 53 south, range 30 east, Tallahassee meridian, and being a portion of the land and submerged land donated and conveyed by three Collier deeds in 1951 and 1952 to the trustees of the internal improvement fund of the State of Florida for subsequent inclusion in the Everglades National Park. Such three Collier deeds are dated December 12, 1951, December 26, 1951, and March 21, 1952, and are recorded in deed book 22, page 240, deed book 22, page 244, and deed book 39, page 25, respectively, in Collier County, Florida. The aforesaid land and submerged land shall be subject to the reservations set forth in the aforementioned Collier deeds for public utility easements and rights-of-way of the public with respect to Indian Key Channel, and also to a public right-of-way for the State highway or causeway from Everglades City to Chokoloskee Island.


16 U.S.C. § 410r-1 (2018)