16 U.S. Code §410n. Drainage of lands; right-of-way

Section Text

Unless the Secretary, after notice and opportunity for hearing, shall find that the same is seriously detrimental to the preservation and propagation of the flora or fauna of Everglades National Park, he shall permit such drainage through the natural waterways of the park and the construction, operation, and maintenance of artificial works for conducting water thereto as is required for the reclamation by the State of Florida or any political subdivision thereof or any drainage district organized under its laws of lands lying easterly of the eastern boundary of the park in township 54 south, ranges 31 and 32 east, township 55 south, ranges 32 and 33 east, and township 56 south, range 33 east. He shall grant said permission, however, only after a master plan for the drainage of said lands has been approved by the State of Florida and after finding that the approved plan has engineering feasibility and is so designed as to minimize disruptions of the natural state of the park. Any right-of-way granted pursuant to this section shall be revocable upon breach of the conditions upon which it is granted, which conditions shall also be enforcible in any other appropriate manner, and the grantee shall be obligated to remove its improvements and to restore the land occupied by it to its previous condition in the event of such revocation.


16 U.S.C. § 410n (2018)