7 U.S. Code §2009c. Strategic plans

Section Text

(a) In general

The Secretary shall direct each of the Directors of Rural Economic and Community Development State Offices to prepare a strategic plan—

(1) for each State for the delivery of assistance under this subchapter in the State; and

(2) for each federally recognized Indian tribe for the delivery of assistance under this subchapter to the Indian tribe.

(b) Assistance (1) In general

Financial assistance for rural development provided under this subchapter for a State or a federally recognized Indian tribe shall be used only for orderly community development that is consistent with the strategic plan of the State or Indian tribe.

(2) Rural area

Assistance under this subchapter may only be provided in a rural area.

(3) Small communities

In carrying out this subchapter in a State, the Secretary shall give priority to communities with the smallest populations and lowest per capita income.

(c) Review

The Secretary shall review the strategic plan of each State and federally recognized Indian tribe not later than 60 days after receiving the plan, and at least once every 5 years thereafter.

(d) Contents

A strategic plan of a State or federally recognized Indian tribe under this section shall be a plan that—

(1) coordinates economic, human, and community development plans and related activities proposed for an affected area;

(2) provides that the State or federally recognized Indian tribe, as appropriate, and an affected community (including local institutions and organizations that have contributed to the planning process) shall act as full partners in the process of developing and implementing the plan;

(3) identifies goals, methods, and benchmarks for measuring the success of carrying out the plan and how the plan relates to local or regional ecosystems;

(4) in the case of a State, provides for the involvement, in the preparation of the plan, of State, local, private, and public persons, State rural development councils, federally recognized Indian tribes in the State, and community-based organizations;

(5) identifies the amount and source of Federal and non-Federal resources that are available for carrying out the plan; and

(6) includes such other information as may be required by the Secretary.


7 U.S.C. § 2009c (2018)